Smart contracts on Soroban

Sorosourceror makes building production ready custom smart contracts on Soroban easy and accessible.

Why use Sorosourceror?

Easy to use

Building smart contract is as easy as following all Sorceror instructions.

Save time & money

Sorosorceror makes process of building smart contracts much faster. Choose preferences and get working contract!


Output contract is 100% secure and ready to use.


You can learn how Soroban contracts work and play with various options.

Low-code solution to build smart contracts on Soroban

step 1

Select contract type

step 2

Definite functional requirements

step 3

Sorosorcerer creates your contract

step 4

Review, Download, or Deploy type

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the generated contract also have appropriate test coverage?

    Yes it does.

  • Can I modify the contract after it is generated?

    Yes you can.

  • Can't I just issue my asset directly on Stellar?

    Yes, however many use-cases require more complex functionality that go beyond native asset issuance requiring a custom smart contract on Soroban. Our tool can also recommend issueing directly on Stellar if your use-case lacks complexity.

  • How much coding experience do I need to generate a contract?

    Literally none. Just answer the questions and we do all of the coding work for you.

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